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You’ve been to all the doctors, you’ve tried all the treatments and you’ve taken all the medications....

But the same issue persists.

All that money. All that time.

Sometimes you wonder how much life you’ve missed looking for a cure.

Finding peace shouldn’t be so hard!

Frankly, You’re Damn Sick of the Medical Merry-go-round

Referral after referral just to be told “that’s just how it is” or that you’re imagining it.

The expensive supplements and endless maintenance therapies just to keep your symptoms manageable.

The lack of understanding, the lack of real solutions… and even when it helped it didn’t address the whole issue.

You were seen as a set of symptoms, not as a whole, complex individual with a unique lived experience.

That’s the reality for so many dealing with chronic illness. And this can go on for years.

I Know, Because I’ve Been There.

I also know you were destined for more. That you’ve still got hope and you’re willing to put in the work for the life and future you dreamed of.

My commitment is to help you get there.

It’s my mission to put every client at the centre of their therapeutic journey. The therapy provides a completely unique, person centred experience with every session as individual as the person before me.

This is an intensive, rapid approach to therapy that gets results in months, not years. Typically, my clients will start seeing results after the first session. It is truly transformational.


Using hypnosis and a specialised therapy technique we deal with more than just the surface symptoms; the sessions dig deep and get to the source for lasting change.


This is what makes the therapy so powerful!


You are 100% supported all the way through the process. From your initial discovery call, to the time we spend together until you’re well. I make sure you’ve got what you need to make this stick!

Imagine This For A Second.

You, bursting with energy and motivation. Being able to bridge that gap between what you dream of for yourself, and what your body allows you to do. No longer being held back. Ditching the guilt and the shame, and reclaiming your self-confidence and freedom.

You are in control of your health. You have the power.


"There are no words in the dictionary to explain exactly how much of a difference it’s made. I could say immense, I could say incredible, extraordinary, or miraculous. I could say all of those things, but none of those would even come close to equating the shift that the therapy has made in my life."

Juliette Steer - Specialist chronic illness therapistRapid Transformational Therapist

“Take control of your own healing – finally see the results you're looking for”

Hi, I'm Juliette

I lived with chronic illness for over 20 years and understand from experience what you’re going through. I SEE YOU. I understand the inner lust for life and the frustration of unfulfilled purpose. I offer you hope, compassion, and way forward into wellness.

Using Rapid Therapeutic Techniques we dig deep and uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams. Using my RECODE method I empower women to get off the medical merry-go-round, and take back control of their own health and healing.

Read More About My Story Here >>

Your next steps towards a healthier, happier you…

How The Healing Journey Works


This is all about you!

We talk about your main challenges and your personal experience living with chronic illness.

Then I evaluate what would be the best treatment plan to suit your individual needs


You have therapy in the comfort of your own home!

No travelling, no stress. You get to have the session in your favourite comfortable chair, or lying in bed.

During the session, we get to naturally and easily investigate the issue at hand. No need to keep talking over trauma to release it - this is relaxed, easy and as natural as talking to a friend.

RTT - what is it?
Rest - an important part of therapy


The subconscious mind has the best results from resting after a session. This allows your mind to fully start the integration process, ‘refiling’ after your session. 

The most effective way to do this is to take a nap. Whether that’s just 10 minutes, or an afternoon of rest and relaxation is up to you (but doesn’t the latter sound like more fun!)


To help you with the transition to the new you. If you have a wobble, you’re not left to figure it out alone.

You have me there to guide you and keep you on track with regular check ins and support where necessary. I am with you until you are well.


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